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Korean Schoolgirls

Park Hyun Sun – Just Once In My Life

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We have seen Park Hyun Sun in a school girl outfit (this is the second) it sure feels like it since the last one was nearly a year ago. Even though I do love her in the amazing dresses she tends to wear I could get use to her wearing these kind of outfits.


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Im Soo-Yeon rocks out the schoolgirl outfit in boots

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Im Soo-Yeon looking nice in a blazer, dress shirt, tie, and short mini skirt. What’s interesting is we see her in some knee boots instead of the more traditional heels or flat shoes, but she rocks the outfit anyways…

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Lee Eun Hye in a red schoolgirl uniform looking cute and sexy

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Some of these Korean schoolgirl models sure know how to make the uniform look so good!  They are cute and thin and love showing off to the camera. Lee Eun Hye is no exception, she knows how to pose and make it look extra special.

We did like the red rose for the background, makes it an extra nice touch to the set.

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